A bit about Why gotchis?

February 1, 2006

gotchis stem with manga. posing before one’s own tv cam in imode country to mms your pictoglyph of the instant you took it to 4 people for a reaction imagined got filtered like trash by the back door so a culture of outlines expressing gesture, facial gesture, grimaces, silly hand signals, slapstick poses emerged. some worked just like manga.

the double elvis pose on wikipedia is stereotypical.

hackergotchi no drop shadow wikipedia hackergotchi with drop shadow wikipedia
no drop shadow / with drop shadow

gotchis are a fitting application of photography encapsulated into a digital setting. the cut-out extends the exquisite cadavre domain to cosmology, way past picturesque surrealism, their maker knowing that with scissors each cut-out means one ends up where one starts making each gotchi. the first incision on the outline path is the end of orbit 1. gotchis orbit inside images. you cut them out. how many times a day does the eye follow a curve, cut out from the scenery some detail that then can look back at you? how often are professionals trying to lead your gaze to cut their products out of the scenery and into your gotchi.basket?

and gotchis of faces – hackergotchis – sometimes remind us overtly of the id, the passport, the face, the name control symbol system. but gotchis for everything, even outlines in the image only and not in the place from which that image occured, lend grammar that fuzzes up the face-only hackergotchi planetware. segueing from thing to face to fuzz to next thing etc. is a portrait in the still life style, that person as territory, assumed or attributed possessions, attachments, things about that face, not only the hackergotchi face, but the ideas orbiting her or his world.
gotchis are orbital outlines, bits of an aggregate like shards of exploding deep space mass. gotchis are between 2D and 3D. as far as the photographic image looks to have perspective, lighting and space, but that is offset, nullified partially by the cutting-out, which only recognizes 2D possible moves for its orbital path, flattening some of the photo icon’s 3D effect.

gotchis are in one way in the family of images called icons. less so do they relate to buttons, although no reason stops a gotchi from being a signpost for a click or contribution. its the flat and voluminous interplay of the seamless photo pixel mesh forming an image with the raw unique outline, or orbital mapping of the images end, membrane or shape that lends one to think that manga are cousins on stage like karim abdul jabar and bruce lee in the pagoda penthouse scene of lee’s last flick.

the science book illu quality mixed with the homespun family tree register or highschool yearbook is the collective nature of gotchis. they aggregate well in clusters, perhaps the average gotchi shape is a circle and the packing is optimized. twist and a gotchi fits in almost anywhere on screen, mobile or lapsized.

gotchis could be flickr tags!! pictograms like their asian roots. who was it that 2700 BP recorded that his gift of a written script for pictograms, morphotypes dawned on him from watching animal footprints, copying them and simply seeing symbolism in that age and paradigm. gotchis are the animal tracks of the online world.

heikophiliprigo. cut em out. photography by number…

No day No night

February 1, 2006

Screens know no shadows:

ellipses & hyperbolas

In the beginning
there was the Lamp.

GOTCHIS know no day or nite just Manga. It’s asian in root. Tamagotchi marries imode.

6 Fairfield Boulevard
Nieryu, California 176710

a trinity company. three-on-1. the 4th spot is available. flickers sometimes pulsing one to the adjacent corner. sometimes 3 in conversation. orbiting…

Synthespians – three bots – populate the transistorized screen city. heikophiliprigo split the 3 names where you will. Keyword on stage is triangle, and the not-to-be-forgotten 4th empty corner. the whole problem with traingles and mondrian was that most forget to touch up their triangles with a 4th corner even empty.

Synthespian.gocthis – 3 faces – populate the responses time-wise. Syncronously, the bots talk at times 1-2-3-1 at others 1-3-1-2-3. responses are 5 to 8 sentences long. the face ‘reading’ these sentences is composite and consists of a sequence of images: face.spin.gotchi.gif followed by a face.gotchi.gif then the face.gotchi.spin.gif followed by next.spin.gotchi.gif and next.gotchi.gif … slowly with spin.

No day No night…
ellipses & hyperboles

The stage thing, the model character all comes into question. Key is that gotchi.universe is closed. the gotchis are stored in files attributed to their face or faces. the gotchis pile up under heikophiliprigo no matter how 3 faces are cut from those letters. and each real person adds gotchis to their face file, and to others in the trinity – a triangle with an empty 4th corner or dimension.

Animated Gifs above from David Hop website here. Check out Hop’s cool gallery of tesselations, and other intriguing mathematical visualizations.

Kepler’s decor

January 31, 2006

kepler's decordated platonic solids

Kepler’s drawings of decorated polyhedra.



close circles

super ellipse

y exp(n)+x exp(n) = 1

n = 2 gives a circle, becomes square as n increases

shown above n=3.5 & n=2.5

Piet Hein

Crop Circles

January 31, 2006


In the movie Contact, which many of us have seen, satellite engineers who were looking for messages from the Beyond tuned in to a radio frequency that was being beamed out from the star Vega. Once decoding the signal, it first provided personal information about us; namely our first televised broadcast, which happened to be from Nazi Germany. The alien signal then proceeded to give a complex series of blueprints. The scientists puzzled and pored over this information for a long time, and could not figure out what it meant. It was only when the cigar-chomping billionaire in the movie realized that the flat blueprints needed to be expanded into three dimensions that the meaning suddenly popped into place – in this case a cubical matrix of specific images. Ultimately, humanity was given a tool that would allow our civilization to have access to these unseen realms where the Vegans lived. The three-dimensional cube of images provided blueprints for a concretely physical piece of technology – a giant set of spinning rings that created a spherical ball of light in their center, which then opened up a wormhole through space and time.

Carl Sagan was obviously tapping into the collective unconscious when he first wrote his book about this fictional SETI discovery, which the movie was based on. However, we don’t need SETI at all; the Extraterrestrials are already here on Earth, and we have already been given the blueprints that the movie refers to. Furthermore, there are uncanny parallels between Sagan’s machine that the Vegans designed and the way in which we might expect a giant “consciousness unit” to look; a giant, wildly pulsating sphere where lines can be made out inside. The pod itself in the movie was a sphere with a dodecahedron superimposed over it – the actual geometry of the sixth dimension. Perhaps Sagan and the makers of the movie were aware of more than they outwardly alluded to, and there is evidence from Dr. Richard Boylan that Sagan was on a “black-ops” scientific team and payroll.

The more we think about it, the more it all fits together. In Contact, this giant machine was the entryway into something that was surprisingly similar to what we might expect Ascension to be like; a dramatic shift to a different frequency of energy, and a heavenlike new world emerging. So, Sagan’s work falls perfectly in line with the idea of obtaining information from the Collective Unconscious; many science fiction writers such as Arthur C. Clarke have inadvertently predicted future events and technologies.

So, just as Contact postulated a set of diagrams and blueprints from extraterrestrials, the crop circle phenomenon gives us the same thing in true reality. Indeed, it has been going on continuously in Europe since at least 1976. What we now have is a huge library of cryptic visual images that do not appear to have been solely generated by humans. The case is similar to the rediscovery of Egyptian hieroglyphics; scientists knew they had to mean something, but they were at a loss to crack the code until the discovery of the infamous Rosetta Stone. This clay document showed a set of identical writings in Greek, Aramaic and in hieroglyphics, and since the researchers understood the Greek, they were able to decode the hieroglyphs. The Rosetta stone for crop circles is geometry, mathematics, symbol and metaphor.

The American and European corporate media very carefully indoctrinated us with the belief that these magnificent designs were the work of Doug and Dave: “two portly English gentlemen, a few pints of beer, a funny cap, and a string and board”. According to the legend, these delightfully mischievous old chaps took great pleasure in taking time off from work, getting trashed all night and sneaking out to farms all across the English countryside. In their mirthful stupor, with the ingenuous tactic of wooden planks for shoes and long strings for a giant compass of sorts, they joyfully stumbled about, stamping down fantastic geometric shapes overnight, occasionally doubling over in laughter at their cleverness. Their portfolio includes perfectly executed depictions of fractal mathematical equations such as the Mandlebrot Set, the Julia Set and the Koch Snowflake. They would plan the next fractal over the stench of thick brown beer, as toothless mouths excitedly spouted new ways to display advanced theoretical mathematics graphically.

How, then, does the debunking media explain that this also has happened literally all over the planet? India alone recently announced the appearance and cataloging of some 10,000 crop formations since the 1970’s, and circles have appeared in almost every major country on the globe, whether in rice paddies, grain crops, mud, dry lake beds or even ice. In the “Awakening to Zero Point” videotape, Gregg Braden shows an image of a spiral formation that actually emerged in an underwater sandbar. Despite all of these appearances, there are literally only a handful of American websites that are fully authorized to display these images, and all we have from India as of Feb. 98 are line drawings of three formations.

The astounding complexity of the most recent batch of formations from summer 1997, 98 and 99 defies even the most hardened scientific minds from explaining them away. The old-fashioned explanations of “localized plasma vortices” or “an army of hedgehogs running round and round” simply do not hold weight. In most true crop circles, the stems are usually bent at the growth nodes, not broken, and they exhibit measurable radiation and signs of being heated. This has led most serious crop circle researchers to conclude that they were formed by some sort of microwave radiation that cooked the joints. This cooking turns the water in the crop into steam, which causes the growth nodes to become pliable and bend. (Hessemann, 1996 and others.)

Indeed, seeds and plant fragments are often found that look as though they have been burned in a microwave oven. But how could you possibly use heat on something like dry grass and expect it not to torch up on you? Interestingly enough, large amounts of nearby underground water have been known to spontaneously disappear after a circle is formed. This fact has been confirmed through the use of infrared photography by the crop circle researchers. It certainly appears that the water was being drawn out of the land to keep the fragile crops from burning. No known microwave technology exists that could be beamed and executed with such precision, forming beautiful patterns, while simultaneously drawing upon underground water as a coolant (CCC website.)

Desperately grasping for a more comfortable solution to these radiation mysteries than the notion of extraterrestrials or some similar outside intelligence, we could propose a top-secret government project. This would mean that someone is obviously making a tremendously secret effort to get us to decode these shapes; yet all documented covert government involvement seems geared towards discrediting and / or hoaxing the phenomenon. This can be seen in the total denial in American media that this is happening at all, even in the many X-Files-type television programs and documentaries, as we previously mentioned. It is as though one of the most fantastic communications from the realm of the spiritual forces has completely left Americans in the dust, through their apathy and simple belief in what they are told by the authority figures in the media.

It goes without saying that numerous crop circle formations have been directly correlated with phenomena such as UFO sightings and dogs going crazy the night before. Thus, they do not simply “show up;” the evidence points to the fact that outside forces are involved. It would appear that the natural tendency would be for the UFO cover-up to continue, and it is amazing how well of a job “they” are doing. Even legitimate UFO researchers with great interest in the field have often turned deaf ears to the discoveries from the crop circle camp. Furthermore, since the crop circle researchers have strict copyrights and controls on any outside display of their pictures, very few people have actually seen what is going on out there with any serious level of redundancy.

Furthermore, there are clear indications that someone is handsomely paying people such as our drunk and friendly English gentlemen Doug and Dave to lie. Every year there are a greater number of sophomoric, manmade crop circles in an attempt to make the entire phenomenon appear to be fabricated. Even some well-versed metaphysical friends of this author have hissed, “Ah, it’s a bunch of college kids” when presented with the topic. Doug and Dave were cut to pieces in interviews where they were asked how they duplicated various forms, openly admitting that they were not responsible. The fake crop circles can usually be spotted almost immediately upon first glance, as they generally lack the sharp edges and incredible mathematical perfection of the true formations. There are other, more scientific ways to spot a “real” formation as well, which we shall discuss in a moment. We therefore should not run from an unsolved puzzle that appears to be coming from an outside intelligence.

Historically speaking, the crop circle phenomena have just gotten better and better every year. They started in the late 70’s and early 80’s as nothing more than gigantic, perfectly round circle shapes. Then, in the mid-1980’s, “agriglyphs” began appearing, which were straight-line formations that connected two or three circles together in various designs. The formation we will be discussing, Barbury Castle 1991, was one of the first major departures from these agriglyphs; it ushered in an entirely new era of complexity in the formations. This was the Mother of All Crop Circles: a formation that appeared literally overnight, and was of fantastic size – 31,680 square feet.

mother of all cropcircles

Shift of the Ages … source… more…

Pictures are better on radio

January 31, 2006

Sound is an instrument through which temporal frequency patterns [i.e. patterns in time, such as the number of cycles per second] can become formal spatial and geometric patterns.

particle in suspension pattern of movement

Particles floating in a solution when they are vibrated by sound waves; the particles mysteriously assemble themselves into geometric shapes.

Solve et coagula

January 26, 2006

Solution and coagulation…

Launch and aggregate…?

Is this ancient alchemical maxim a parallel to our mo-sat orbit idea… still spinning, turning, clocking, gathering.

An emblem…

Solve et coagula


7 Steps Alchemy

7 Steps of the Philosopher’s Stone Formula:

  • Calcination
  • Dissolution
  • Separation
  • Conjunction
  • Fermentation
  • Distillation
  • Coagulation

First 4 steps take place in matter; last 4 in the imagination.

From Sir Isaac Newton “Lapis Philosophicus”:
Isaac Newton Lapis Philosophicus

Ancient Ørb1ts – ☉

January 26, 2006

Sun pictograph

As legend goes, the Chinese writing system was invented by Cang Ji, a minister of the Emperor Huang Di, after he noticed the distinct footprints of different animals. Thus inspired, he drew stylized pictures of the footprints to represent the animals themselves.

To express more abstract thoughts, the Chinese developed “ideographs,” additional symbols which –when combined with pictographs — result in a new word.Source: http://china.candidemedia.com/html/dispatches/three/featurec.html

Chinese pictograph - Dawn
Phaistos Discs – Egypt 4000 BP.
Phaistos Disk

The Phaistos Disk is a curious archaeological find, most likely dating from about 1700 BC. Its purpose and meaning, and even its original geographical place of manufacture, remain disputed, making it one of the most famous mysteries of archaeology.

The Phaistos Disc was discovered in the basement of room XL-101 of the Minoan palace-site of Phaistos, near Hagia Triada, on the south coast of Crete. Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier recovered this remarkably intact “dish”, about 15 cm in diameter and uniformly just over 1 cm thick, on July 3, 1908.

Luigi Pernier discovered the disc during his excavation of the first Minoan palace. It was found in the main cell of an underground “temple depository”. These basement cells, only accessible from above, were neatly covered with a layer of fine plaster. Their context was poor in precious artifacts but rich in black earth and ashes, mixed with burnt bovine bones. In the northern part of the main cell, a few inches south-east of the disk, and about twenty inches above the floor, linear A tablet PH-1 was also found. The site apparently collapsed as a result of an earthquake, possibly linked with the explosive eruption of the Santorini volcano that affected large parts of the Mediterranean region ca. 1628 BC.

Physical Description

The inscription was made by pressing pre-formed hieroglyphic “seals” into the soft clay, in a clockwise sequence spiralling towards the disc’s center. It was then baked at high temperature. There are a total of 241 figures on the disc.

Many of the 45 different glyphs represent easily identifiable every-day things, including human figures, fish, birds, insects, plants, a boat, a shield, a staff, etc. In addition to these, there is a small diagonal line that occurs underneath the final sign in a group a total of 18 times. The disk shows traces of corrections made by the scribe in several places.

The Text

Although there is no official Unicode encoding for the symbols on the disk, the ConScript Unicode Registry has assigned a block of the Unicode Private Use Area to be used for the script. Two fonts include support for this area; Code2000 and Everson Mono Phaistos. The text on the disk is given on the second of these links; you can read that text if you have either of them installed.

Crossword Puzzle or Game Board — There are those who feel the signs on the disc’s fields were the markings for the fields of a board game which illustrated along its track the journeys of the sun god and the moon goddess, both in astronomical and mythological terms. That game had close parallels in ancient Egypt which allow the reconstruction of its main features and event fields. These fields coincide with many virtually identical fields in the still popular “Game of the Goose” and are often still in the same locations along the track of this “modern” game as on its direct predecessor from at least three dozen centuries ago.

The Game: http://www.recoveredscience.com/phaistoscontents.htm

Phaistos Gameboard?

Source: http://www.crystalinks.com/phaistosdisc.html

Wherefrom do all these worlds come?
They come from space. All beings arise from space, and into space they return;
space is indeed their beginning, and space is their final end.

12 Around 1 – Spiraling Consciousness

January 26, 2006

12 around 112 around 1

Alchemy Wheel of Time – Karma – Synchronicity – Creation – Geometry


January 25, 2006

Tycho designed and built new instruments, calibrated them, and instituted nightly observations. He also ran his own printing press. The observatory was visited by many scholars, and Tycho trained a generation of young Sextant astronomers there in the art of observing.

After a falling out with King Christian IV, Tycho packed up his instruments and books in 1597 and left Denmark. After traveling several years, he settled in Prague in 1599 as the Imperial Mathematician at the court of Emperor Rudolph II. He died there in 1601. His instruments were stored and eventually lost.

Tycho's Sextant

Perspective of Real Time – Paul Virilio

January 24, 2006

“It seems we are still incapable of seriously entertaining this question of the path, except in the realms of mechanics, ballistics or astronomy. Objectvitiy, subjectivity, certainly, but never trajectivity. Between the subjective and the objective it seems we have no room for the ‘trajective’, that being of movement of here to there, from one to
the other, without which we will never achieve a profound understanding of the various regimes of perception of the world that have succeeded each other throughout the ages…”

“Historically, we thus find ourselves faced with a sort of great divide in knowing how to be in the world: on the one hand, there is the original nomad for whom the journey, the being’s trajectory, are dominant. On the other, there is the sedentary man for whom subject and object prevail, movement towards the immovable, the inert, characterizing the sedentary urban ‘civilian’ in contrast to the ‘warrior’ nomad.”

Paul Virilio, The Perspective of Real Time, in “Open Sky”, 1995.

Participatory Private ØRBITs

January 23, 2006

10.01.06 : 3am

0rb1t is an empty screen. It passes input to output. It gets fed. We feed it. And it emerges. Sometimes over again.

0rb1t is frequency. A clock and a route, a traject. Does it bind space with time at its core?
APIs and RSS tagging feed the screen via autopoetic semantic character aggregates.

Feeds trigger objects – launching messages SMSes MMSes Bluetooth files into orbit behind which the mechanism blends spacially in 3D otherwise flat yet photographic cut-outs.

Every launch returns its follower at some later time perhaps weeks using asimilar channel, SMS or Jabber automatically.

What does orbit or 0rb1t look like? we 0nly possess a certain vastness of territory within our self-imposed virtual grasp for health’s sake, only diffuse our imagined avatar homunculus. 0rb1t looks to D&G like a face i suppose. Just a deep black hole and an endless white wall.Tycho Brahe Astronomer Cosmologist Tycho Brahe Uraniborg Tycho BraheUnderground Observatory Tycho Brahe

Underground Observatory Inside Underground Observatory Tycho BraheDual-Core Planetary SchemeDual-Core Planetary SchemeDual-Core Planetary Scheme Comet

ØRBITization blog-in-blog 1

January 23, 2006

orbit is a fundamental measure of space, the forgotten millimeter sculpture in space.

orbit stores and transmits data – replicating, mutating, adapting information.

orbit is frequency.

the orbit may have left its center as ‘the point’, resembling a loose elastic rubber band gear turning and churning.

orbit is the raw material of which all space is made.

as such, it is the raw material for virtual jockeying and essential objecthood.

Reading IS Cool Summer Reading Fun

White Wall Black Hole Images

January 23, 2006