Perspective of Real Time – Paul Virilio

“It seems we are still incapable of seriously entertaining this question of the path, except in the realms of mechanics, ballistics or astronomy. Objectvitiy, subjectivity, certainly, but never trajectivity. Between the subjective and the objective it seems we have no room for the ‘trajective’, that being of movement of here to there, from one to
the other, without which we will never achieve a profound understanding of the various regimes of perception of the world that have succeeded each other throughout the ages…”

“Historically, we thus find ourselves faced with a sort of great divide in knowing how to be in the world: on the one hand, there is the original nomad for whom the journey, the being’s trajectory, are dominant. On the other, there is the sedentary man for whom subject and object prevail, movement towards the immovable, the inert, characterizing the sedentary urban ‘civilian’ in contrast to the ‘warrior’ nomad.”

Paul Virilio, The Perspective of Real Time, in “Open Sky”, 1995.


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