A bit about Why gotchis?

gotchis stem with manga. posing before one’s own tv cam in imode country to mms your pictoglyph of the instant you took it to 4 people for a reaction imagined got filtered like trash by the back door so a culture of outlines expressing gesture, facial gesture, grimaces, silly hand signals, slapstick poses emerged. some worked just like manga.

the double elvis pose on wikipedia is stereotypical.

hackergotchi no drop shadow wikipedia hackergotchi with drop shadow wikipedia
no drop shadow / with drop shadow

gotchis are a fitting application of photography encapsulated into a digital setting. the cut-out extends the exquisite cadavre domain to cosmology, way past picturesque surrealism, their maker knowing that with scissors each cut-out means one ends up where one starts making each gotchi. the first incision on the outline path is the end of orbit 1. gotchis orbit inside images. you cut them out. how many times a day does the eye follow a curve, cut out from the scenery some detail that then can look back at you? how often are professionals trying to lead your gaze to cut their products out of the scenery and into your gotchi.basket?

and gotchis of faces – hackergotchis – sometimes remind us overtly of the id, the passport, the face, the name control symbol system. but gotchis for everything, even outlines in the image only and not in the place from which that image occured, lend grammar that fuzzes up the face-only hackergotchi planetware. segueing from thing to face to fuzz to next thing etc. is a portrait in the still life style, that person as territory, assumed or attributed possessions, attachments, things about that face, not only the hackergotchi face, but the ideas orbiting her or his world.
gotchis are orbital outlines, bits of an aggregate like shards of exploding deep space mass. gotchis are between 2D and 3D. as far as the photographic image looks to have perspective, lighting and space, but that is offset, nullified partially by the cutting-out, which only recognizes 2D possible moves for its orbital path, flattening some of the photo icon’s 3D effect.

gotchis are in one way in the family of images called icons. less so do they relate to buttons, although no reason stops a gotchi from being a signpost for a click or contribution. its the flat and voluminous interplay of the seamless photo pixel mesh forming an image with the raw unique outline, or orbital mapping of the images end, membrane or shape that lends one to think that manga are cousins on stage like karim abdul jabar and bruce lee in the pagoda penthouse scene of lee’s last flick.

the science book illu quality mixed with the homespun family tree register or highschool yearbook is the collective nature of gotchis. they aggregate well in clusters, perhaps the average gotchi shape is a circle and the packing is optimized. twist and a gotchi fits in almost anywhere on screen, mobile or lapsized.

gotchis could be flickr tags!! pictograms like their asian roots. who was it that 2700 BP recorded that his gift of a written script for pictograms, morphotypes dawned on him from watching animal footprints, copying them and simply seeing symbolism in that age and paradigm. gotchis are the animal tracks of the online world.

heikophiliprigo. cut em out. photography by number…


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