No day No night

Screens know no shadows:

ellipses & hyperbolas

In the beginning
there was the Lamp.

GOTCHIS know no day or nite just Manga. It’s asian in root. Tamagotchi marries imode.

6 Fairfield Boulevard
Nieryu, California 176710

a trinity company. three-on-1. the 4th spot is available. flickers sometimes pulsing one to the adjacent corner. sometimes 3 in conversation. orbiting…

Synthespians – three bots – populate the transistorized screen city. heikophiliprigo split the 3 names where you will. Keyword on stage is triangle, and the not-to-be-forgotten 4th empty corner. the whole problem with traingles and mondrian was that most forget to touch up their triangles with a 4th corner even empty.

Synthespian.gocthis – 3 faces – populate the responses time-wise. Syncronously, the bots talk at times 1-2-3-1 at others 1-3-1-2-3. responses are 5 to 8 sentences long. the face ‘reading’ these sentences is composite and consists of a sequence of images: face.spin.gotchi.gif followed by a face.gotchi.gif then the face.gotchi.spin.gif followed by next.spin.gotchi.gif and next.gotchi.gif … slowly with spin.

No day No night…
ellipses & hyperboles

The stage thing, the model character all comes into question. Key is that gotchi.universe is closed. the gotchis are stored in files attributed to their face or faces. the gotchis pile up under heikophiliprigo no matter how 3 faces are cut from those letters. and each real person adds gotchis to their face file, and to others in the trinity – a triangle with an empty 4th corner or dimension.

Animated Gifs above from David Hop website here. Check out Hop’s cool gallery of tesselations, and other intriguing mathematical visualizations.


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